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  • A youtube rapper from Tacoma who raps about pretty much everything from stripper music to conscious rap which he then mixes with pop-culture esque animated music videos. SIC ILL often collaborates with Victor Herman and has a cult fanbase online. He achieved viral success with Labyrinth Zone Act 1 which parodies a level from Sonic 1 on Sega Genesis by spamming multitudes of people on twitter and mass-emailing which resulted in a feature on and hundreds of reaction videos and spoofs.

    Adam: "SIC ILL just spammed me on twitter four times today;("

    Eve: "@Adam Youuurr Outtaa this Wuuuurrld!!"

    -- "SIC ILL - Labyrinth Zone Act 1", SIC ILL - Labyrinth Zone Act 1, March, 2014

    Last edited on Oct 23 2014. Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 23 2014.

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