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Definition of a Bravo Mike

Bravo Mike

  • "bite me". Military lingo.
    In reply: Bravo Mike!

    Last edited on Nov 01 2015. Submitted by Jewels D. from Pordenone (Friuli-Venezia Giulia), Italy on Aug 12 1998.


  • "black male". Used in radio communications by police and security guards. From the phonetic spelling letters for the first letters of each word.

    Similarly, "white female" is "Whiskey Foxtrot".
    The address is 21 Bristol Drive. There's three Bravo Mikes assaulting us. We need somebody here fast!
    The description of the Bravo Mike is: white shirt, black jeans, braids.

    Last edited on Nov 01 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 30 2011.

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