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Definition of CarceralReality


  • What surveillance capitalist and corrupt surveillance state creeps peddling shady tech and shady products run up smack against evetually when they figure out at last that the anonymous private individual is not a mythical being and most random normal people are not ok with their workaday lives being used for the agendas of some dim witted creeps they don't even know. Most random normal people are not ok with the politicization or exploitation of their lives. The pathetic people who are ok with trash like that are already on worthless social media sites like Facebook or Twitter or even more pathetically posting videos on whatever the hell TikTok is. Normal people resent having their lives stolen by a pack of stupid creeps and when your job involves actual work such as physics and not doing whatever the hell it is you stupid creeps actually do, it is very hard to focus on your real work with a pack of dim witted creeps peddling shitty social sciences married with the computational sciences. I hope someone like that Sokal person takes you all down you mindnumbingly stupid creeps.
    That internet consumer junk peddling moron finally encountered carceralreality when he tried to extort and annoy people with whatever the hell these creeps sell for the nth year in a row. Shitty corporate practices finally encounter carceralreality. Someone else's problems or issues (real or imaginary) are not yours to mine. And if they have an actual job or life they at least aspire to, they are eventually going to get really exasperated by your forcing your moronic drivel on people who find you boring and your authority illegitimate.
    You will encounter carceralreality if you dont stay the fuck away from my life and home starting now. Seriously wtf?
    I may be a lousy scientist but such as it is my work is real work tied to objective realities and not bullshit of the day. You will encounter carceralreality when you have nobdamn clue about boundaries and keep trying to con people endlessly. One can log off trash like Facebook. Go annoy someone else instead of building more lame deregulated shit you bloody halfwits. Leave me the fuck can sell whatever the hell you want to as long as it does not involve my shit. A person cannot work while worrying about creeps all the time. Go to hell..
    Stop monitoring my webuse or you will encounter carceralreality. My data is not can consider carceralreality climate change you absolute morons. Seriously what happened with the use of oil? Do you people ever think? I cannot think of a stupider metaphor at a time when we are reeling under the effects of climate change than "data is the new oil" stupid stupid stupid creeps... there even one normal bloody female scientist in there? I dont mean a TikTok scientist..I mean a normal woman who is a scientist and can at least dimly grasp how demeaning and creepy this is. People shut up and try to ignore it to not make a scene. I even tried to convince myself I was schizophrenic rather than accept that anyone this mindnumbingly stupid has access to people's lives. Do you have any idea how scary this is in a world where morons like Zuckerberg and Page and these absolute morons are tech leaders.
    This is my final comment. I am not joking about carceralreality. Don't involve me or my friends or family or any actual colleagues in whatever the hell it is you do..god I hate creeps.
    I actually hope this is a sting operation of all these stalkerish data creeps..who hopefully will encounter carceralreality for believing drivel like 'data is oil'...How could even these creeps be this stupid and think they could get away with this? Maybe in China or Saudi Arabia ot a frathouse in Su Valley...who the hell tries these stunts in any kind of even flawed democracy...good god people are not actually crazy or stupid or that terrified of a pack of lame creeps. It is just that most average people avoid conflict if possible but that doesnt work with creeps who pile on everywhere. Get lost ffs man. Goodbye and pull your crap out and leave me and my friends and family alone. Normal people are actually way more credible than you is just that you are these pathetic sleazy machiavellian lame creeps and the rest of us at least consciously try to be straightforward. I dont like unclear tries to be civil but while i am not in denial about my issues, I cannot fix them while pretending that a pack of moronic creeps are anything but moronic creeps whom no one checks.
    You know, I even try to be tolerant of the male creeps some. I may be a feminist but I am not the police. So if some pathetic male creeps want to go around being pathetic male creeps in their own damn spaces ..whatever..Carceral is noty first choice. But they should not start grabbing data from women ..surveillance capitalism and the surveillance state are twice as creepy if you are a female..I mean look at this is filled with contributions from these pathetic creeps. I am not for carceral stuff normally...but it is over a bloody is so creepy..this is not about mental health. The only women whi work in these stupid things are either alpha females or the sleazy lean in types. This is so creepy.

    One doesnt like to say anytjing because these stupid creeps will assume you wsnt to sue them or worse shill some sjit of your own based on this mindnumbingly moronic drivel..while one may not sue or shill stuff, eventually one does get angry enough to want to communicate how often one wishes the stuff these creeps do would be criminalized rather than politicized.
    There is no point in whining about carceral feminism..I warned you to back the hell off from the start and flipping it around on me doesnt really work because I am not actually stupid or self loathing. I think it is good if they start criminalizing these corporate practices and strictly regulating the security state. I am not really a conspiracy minded person. I just think not enough people try to press charges over privacy violations etc. If you are suing or shilling your own shit no one is going to get how serious you are. Zuboff and Wyden get it..this stuff should be criminalized. Any sane direction looks radical compared to a status quo that treats this shit as normal and women's options are so lousy...sue or share your story. No you cost me years of my life..that is criminal.
    And now I am quitting thus shit. Seriously stay the fuck away whoever you are and my data is not oil. Delete all the crap you have on is all innocuous but it is private. I am a private person..i made the mistake of not thinking like a creep in assuming common decency applied to the virtual world.. clearly it is a message from the real world about all this will face charges if you keep pissing women is kust Zuboff etc are ahead of their times..if democracy and women's rights survive it is only if shit like this gets terminated rather than monetized or politicized..get a life..what i really cannot respect is how stupid and crass you all are some technical skills are such morons...I think the free market and meninism have sapped what few brains you may be some sort of glorified computer salesman but that doesnt mean oeople want to put up with your crap all day long.
    Apologies to the admins of this site for using their site to communicate with the creeps. I am not a crazy person or troll..just too annoyed to care how I come off to people without context. The creeps know who they are and hopefully see this and back the fuck off...I am not putting up woth another day of this and I am not meeting you half way, quarter way whatever..go to hell..seriously you would think at least the overturning of roe v wade would knock some sense into these creeps and do not pull that pegasus shit either. God society is pathetic.
    Stop pretending that these are evolving systems and glossing over all the shitty ways in which you exploit people and peddle drivel. You are not going to fool all of the people all of the time. I have few illusions about myself..I suggest you start evaluating yourselves realistically. As for the corporate practices and bloated surveillance state, I have to believe those will end up being criminalized not normalized if women are to have any rights left.
    After all the first time someone filed a sexual harassment case in the workplace it must have seemed radical. The first time people start reacting to an out of control surveillance state and surveillance capitalism by filing a criminal case over frivolous surveillance, blatant exploitation and stalkerish trash will be a departure from the status quo but that is the direction things need to move in if women who are not whoever the women who work with these trashy systems are, want to have any dignity left. It is ott.
    Carceralreality will come into being because most normal people cannot stand the thought of a collection of creepy, meninist PompousConCreeps going over all their private stuff and really what other type of person would be attracted to these basically creepy fields? The thing has to be teeming with PompousConCreeps who are people one can barely stand with all the boundaries imposed by civilization ..let alone without those. Incarcerate PompousConCreeps who step out of line and annoy people who can't stand them.

    Last edited on Aug 24 2022. Submitted by Exasperated on Aug 24 2022.

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