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Definition of feministindenial


  • Are you a man who automatically sympathizes with the male creep in any conflict though you may be decent enough irl. You might be a feministindenial. See shitty conservative think tanks and moronic meninist creeps spend a lot of time trying to convince average men that feminism is something scary and cultish and that we are all coming for your porn or something (I may be wrong but going by the net, it appears as though your porn is very important to you..that is can be that way as long as it is not childporn or rapeporn).

    But you really need to get ypur heads out of your asses about what mainstream feminism means irl. It merely means that women should have a life of some real dignity in the workplace and elsewhere. See if you are doing surveillance creepy rot please do not go and inform women of the same since yiu seem to have no intention of ever sacrificing profits to hehave like half way decent people. You put women who are not exhibitionists or submissive in a bind.

    I am not going to listen to a pack of stupid male creeps and the women who legitimize them but I also dont want to live on display. If you are a feministindenial try to imagine actually trying to work and be a decent human beong while having these mind numbingly stupid creeps exploitinh yout life.

    Would you be able to focus on physics, math, chemistry, biology, medicine or any actual science...I dont vount those human science or natural healing people as legit.. Imagine despising TikTok, facebook and the internet but having this foul shit seep into your real, non virtual life..that is why stringent regulations are needed..good god..
    People dont want to be connected to some drivel some random creeps do without any real info.
    Not all people are political animals once their personal lives come into it. Typically that is why we have courts etc. But these shotheads seem to be gaming democracy itself. I know nothing will change but I do want to put carceralreality for privacy violations on the table. Maybe you shouldnt just go and annoy random women who may not the stupid, litigious or political self serving cartoons you seem to think they are. They may continue to have their own internal standards while seriously starting to think that Zuboff and Wyden get it..nothing short of the criminalizatoon of a loy of practices involving phones and the internet will reign in the steady erosion of women's rights. You wsnt to pay off people or put them allng certain safe tranectories you does not work that way. You are at the end of the day some pathetic surveillance creeps annoying some woman who just tried to pretend you dont exisy as long as she could. As far as I can tell you people never meet any actual people and you fail to get how grotesque this is from the pov of a normal, average if flawed middle aged woman. You are mostly conservative morons and these just profit hungry losers..seriously man..get a the end of all this, if i ever do get a job you know what i will be using my brain and time for (privately)..physics math etc once i can concentrate again..Not politics or histrionics..but you dont want people like me to think that unless you go to prison i cannot work. Dont spread out into everyone's lices and take them histage..there are a sufficient number of morons who willingly work with your type..stay with them and dont go and annoy random women leading their private lives.
    All that is asked of you types is yoy stay with your own creeps or self loathing people. Do not pile on to random people and try to convince them they are nuts or force the values of face saving cultures or exhibitionistic ones (ugh viral crap) on people. This is why I keep turning back to criminalization of all these practices as the only real solution an average person who does not live on the net can come ul with. Netizens are a different breed from pepple who may have surfed the net formerly but who would stay away from it today and want to press charges where you intrude into their lives irl.
    You are bleeding into my real life and it is pissing me off...

    Last edited on Aug 24 2022. Submitted by Exasperated on Aug 24 2022.

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