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Definition of InternetRuinoDoc


  • A bizarre artefact typically found on the internet documenting the ruins of what used to be somebody's actual life before it was destroyed by shitty and crass industries vaguely affiliated with ai, data science, mental health, human science, "art", sociopolitics and by moronic creeps in general.

    E.g: This page is in memory of all those random people (typically women) who aged miserably and then presumably died unemployed, wretched and alone waiting for creepy data scientists, shitty mental health "professionals", moronic ai ethics researchers, crappy social scientists, lousy "artists", glorified telemarketeers and other assorted self deceiving morons and random, dim witted riff raff to die (METAPHORICALLY of course) in a nice fire before their shit "jobs" and lousy "products and services" destroy what is left of civilization. Peace.
    Therefore this page is an example of an InternetRuinoDoc.
    Random person X typed various annoyed InternetRuinoDocs while picking at their work listlessly and mostly waiting for all the creeps out there to somehow disappear along with their creepware or at least go and annoy just about anyone else (on the assumption that said creeps and their creepwares are real and not merely a figment of random person X's imagination. Random person X does gloomily however suspect that the creeps do exist because whatever else goes extinct, there is an apparently never ending supply of moronic creeps out there selling drivel that no one in their senses (nor most average lunatic asylum residents) will ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever buy no matter how many pompous twits market it as part of the "digital economy" or whatever the hell it is...The "meritocracy" and the so-called free market seem to lead mostly to an endless collection of worthless junk peddled by sleazy businesspeople and bought by demented creeps peddling soft "sciences" (e.g. : libertarian economists), while most random people wretchedly hope that all these sanctimonious creeps, assorted meninists and surveillance creeps disappear.
    This internetruinodoc was therapeutic..well what do you know.."sharing" does help eh? I cannot see it staying up as it follows none of the rules of the site but oh well. Apologies to the site administrator. I did not mean to trash up your site and would delete these entries if I could figure out how. If you let them stay up, I hope those bloody meninist creeps them and at least get a vague sense of how bloody creepy and annoying and lame they are...

    Last edited on Aug 23 2022. Submitted by Exasperated on Aug 23 2022.

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