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Definition of loc'd out

loc'd out

  • "locals only" + "out", where the "out" is used to amplify the word preceding and connote casualness. ("Out" being a popular modifier in Californian slang to add emphasis, e.g., "Trip Out", "Far Out" "Way Out", "Played Out".) Something special that is not widely accessed, as in a loc-d out route to get to the airport fast during traffic, a loc-d out beach that is beautiful and isolated, etc. Origin: California.
    Look at this traffic, we need to find a loc-ed out route.

    Last edited on May 16 2011. Submitted by Jennie D. from CA, USA on May 19 2002.


  • Loc'd out was proliferated as a term by one DJ Craze. Crazy in spanish is loco; Craze's remixes are "loc'd out" ie. Crazy!

    Last edited on Sep 20 2012. Submitted by Anonymous on Sep 20 2012.

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