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    NOUN 1. Dumb videos that self absorbed people take of themselves. Either live video selfie or short posted video selfies. They take these videos to feel self important. Showing where they are or saying something they think is relevant. Tags are used after taking a glancie when posted on a social media site.

    2. Live video chats, when talking isn't enough, you need proof of where someone is at, or you want to see what someone is wearing. When your at a show or party and want to post a quick video of you or you and your friends saying things like "Look at us having fun, don't you wish you were here? blah, blah, blag

    3. The second sign of end of times. The right after the beginning of the end of intelligent civilization Future sociologists use the glancie as an artifact for the end of times



    "Hey boo, you at the concert? Send me a glancie so I can see what's going on!"

    "Hey, look at me, this is my glancie at the bar having fun! What ever you're doing it isn't as fun as what I am doing. Don't you feel bad? Good, that's why i'm making a glancie."

    "You're at that game? Sure you are. Give me a glancie as I can talk to you on video"

    Last edited on Sep 18 2018. Submitted by Anonymous on Sep 18 2018.

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