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  • A "Grit" was a mid 80's through late 90's east coast US term for a guy who wore a mullet or shorter hair on top and longer hair in the back. They wore ripped jeans, white high top sneakers such as Reebok Pumps, L.A. Gear or British Knights with a black leather jacket with a buckle or a blue jean jacket with patches of Heavy Metal Bands such as Megadeath, Slayer and Metallica. They wore ear rings from Spencers gift shops with daggers or skulls. They wore tour T-shirts from heavy metal concerts they had previously attended with dates of concerts on them. With the introduction of "Gangster Rap" such as: NWA, 2Pac, Dr. Dre, Snoop, Eazy-E and Biggie in the early 90's eventually Grits started cutting their rat tails off and most assimilated into wanna be "Yo Boys". Essentially the 21st Century saw the death of the East Coast "Grit" as we knew it.
    That dude with a mullet wearing white high top Reebok pumps and a jean jacket with a Metallica patch and skull ear rings is an old school grit from way back.

    Last edited on Oct 18 2016. Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 18 2016.


  • unattractive (describing a person); "nasty"; "gross".
    He is so grit!

    Last edited on Oct 02 2012. Submitted by Devon J. from Minneapolis, MN, USA on Dec 15 1999.


  • cigarette.
    I was out of money so I bummed a grit.

    Last edited on Feb 11 1998. Submitted by Anonymous on Feb 11 1998.

  • a country bumpkin; "redneck".

    Last edited on May 08 2013. Submitted by Jacki P. from Bloomington, IN, USA on Mar 02 2008.

  • meth or speed (because of the fact you grit your teeth) while your on the drugs. and if you are on it long enough you will look like "grit"

    Last edited on Oct 14 2012. Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 14 2012.

noun - uncountable

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