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snow bunny

  • an attractive Caucasian female.

    Last edited on Apr 19 2013. Submitted by Reginald G. from Fort Bragg, NC, USA on Nov 21 2001.

  • It is also used to describe young white blonde girls who have been taking against their will and kept as sex slaves. They are considered top notch "property" their Master/ owner get paid top dollar by Johns and the girls are not paid. They are kept locked up in dark private rooms and sometimes they are even chained up and only allowed 5 minutes to go to the bathroom and get cleaned up. Young women (no matter what color you are) should be warned about this activity. Snow Bunny used in a sentence: Jane was invited out for an amazing date with a great guy, later that night he raped her and locked her in his bedroom to become his new Snow Bunny.

    Last edited on Jul 21 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 21 2015.


  • a promiscuous white girl.

    Last edited on Jul 09 2012. Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 19 2012.

  • the white girlfriend of a black man.
    Tyrone finally got with Mary. Now Mary is his snow bunny.

    Last edited on Apr 07 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 07 2013.

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verb - transitive

  • to make a person pay.
    I'm going to have to tax that asshole.

    Last edited on Jun 08 2014. Submitted by LV from Long Beach, CA, USA on Feb 18 1999.

  • have sex.
    I want to tax.

    Last edited on Dec 13 1999. Submitted by Heretik from East Ct, San Jose, CA 95116, USA on Dec 13 1999.

  • to steal.
    Your sneakers have just been taxed.
    Are you gonna tax the candy?
    • See more words with the same meaning: to steal.

    Last edited on Jun 08 2014. Submitted by Andrew M from Richmond Hill, ON, Canada on Nov 21 2001.

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