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kick ass and take names

  • To seriously do something or to confront someone in a serious manner. To explain things to people in a direct way so that there's no misunderstanding.
    To round up the bad guys, make sure they know the cops are aware that they're the perps, and get their names and other pertinent information on the record.
    Hunter: "What are you going to do? We don't have enough to arrest them."

    Dee Dee: "I'm going to kick some butt and take some names.
    I'm going to find them, scare the shit out of them, and make sure I have all the pertinent information.

    Last edited on Aug 13 2014. Submitted by Anonymous on May 14 2014.

  • "Kicking Ass and Taking Names" goes back to the Vietnam War. Its something the guys going into combat would say they were going to do. The "Kicking Ass" part means that they were going to win. The taking names part was that they were going to collect the "Dog Tags" or the names of the American soldiers that were killed. Its means that "I'm going to survive. When used properly it means that you are surviving or that you intend to survive.

    Last edited on Nov 13 2020. Submitted by Harry Goodhorn on Nov 13 2020.


  • Comes from the TV cop series "Hunter," late 80's to early 90's. It meant I'm going out there to get the bad guys." It is commonly misunderstood as a call to violence, when it actually meant "I'M GOING TO FOLLOW PROCEDURE, BUT BARELY WITHIN THE LIMITS."

    Last edited on Aug 13 2014. Submitted by Incurable Romanticist on Aug 13 2014.


  • to beat severely, or defeat severely.
    The home team is kicking ass and taking names.
    The home team has to follow the rules for cops, so they're not going to break legs, but they will scare the shit out of the opposition and bury them by the rules.

    Last edited on Aug 13 2014. Submitted by Lucy M. from Germany on Aug 20 2003.

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