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  • to have sex.
    Are you guys skronkin in there?

    Last edited on Jan 22 1999. Submitted by Traci from San Diego, CA, USA on Jan 22 1999.

  • to have sex or to perform a sexual act.
    He skronked his girlfriend last night.
    I know what's going on in there, skronky skronky!

    Last edited on May 18 2011. Submitted by Garv from Stellarton, NS, Canada on Oct 25 1999.

  • to have sex, to get it on, etc.
    Dude, he skronked her hard last night.

    Last edited on Dec 15 1999. Submitted by Steve on Dec 15 1999.

  • To have sex without commitment.
    I skronked him last night.

    Last edited on Feb 25 2002. Submitted by diane from Canada on Feb 25 2002.

  • To engage in coitus. Origin: Saskatchewan.
    Are you skronking her?

    Last edited on Aug 20 2002. Submitted by Dan M. from Saskatoon, SK, Canada on Aug 20 2002.

  • to have sex.
    Do you want to skronk?
    He was a good skronker.
    Were you skronking last night?

    Last edited on May 18 2011. Submitted by loren l. on Nov 29 2005.

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