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cum dumpster


  • a promiscuous person; "slut"; "skank".
    She is such a cum dumpster.
    She's nothing but a filthy little cum dumpster.

    Last edited on May 15 2015. Submitted by Ralph M. from Charlotte, NC, USA on Jan 25 2002.

  • a female who likes to swallow semen.
    Jessica the meth head cum dumpster.

    Last edited on Apr 30 2015. Submitted by wes from Baltimore, MD, USA on Dec 29 2003.

  • a promiscuous female.

    Last edited on Feb 22 2011. Submitted by FJK from Huguley, Alabama, USA on Feb 18 2007.

  • mouth.
    Stop running your cum dumpster and talking shit.
    Shut your cum dumpster.
    Here I come - get your cum dumpster ready.
    • See more words with the same meaning: mouth.

    Last edited on Mar 25 2014. Submitted by amy l. on Nov 02 2008.

  • a derogatory term for a woman.
    That stupid cum dumpster wouldn't go on a date with me.

    Last edited on Dec 19 2011. Submitted by Anonymous on Feb 22 2011.

  • a male who likes to receive semen inside his anus from as many different partners in one session as possible
    The cum dumpster in room 12 just took his fifteenth load tonight.

    Last edited on Apr 29 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 29 2013.

  • A person that loves and craves to be filled or covered in semen.
    That cum dumpster looks like she bathed in sperm.

    Last edited on Sep 27 2014. Submitted by Cookie on Sep 27 2014.

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