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  • Used for almost anything anymore. (1) "I don't care," (2) "Yeah right! (sarcasm)" (3) Tacked at the end of a listing of things, like etc.
    1) Speaker: Do you want to go uptown?

    Response: (shrugs shoulders) "Whatever."
    2) Huh? You want me to share this with you. Whatever!
    3) Bring chips, cookies, pop; whatever.
    I caught her cheating and She said whatever.

    Last edited on Apr 24 2013. Submitted by Leah A. from Ohio University, USA on Feb 15 1999.

  • Complete sentence or singular remark given in apathy by someone indifferent to others feelings or actions. Seems to be favored by teens and adolescents.

    Last edited on May 17 2011. Submitted by Don W. from Platte City, MO, USA on Feb 25 2000.

  • a dismissive retort; "Shut up and go away."

    Last edited on Jun 30 2011. Submitted by Anonymous on Aug 18 2009.

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