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13th step

verb - transitive

  • To have sex with a fellow addict in a 12-step program. This is AA lingo.

    Last edited on Nov 24 2010. Submitted by Anonymous on Nov 24 2010.

  • to bring to fruition sexual or romantic advances upon a newcomer, or person with less sobriety, after one has completed the twelve written steps in a 12-step recovery program; to take advantage of a fellow 12-step recovery program member who has less sobriety.
    My sponsor said that a proper 13th step requires that one has completed all the steps before hitting on newcomers - half measures avail us nothing.
    She asks "What does his 13th step tattoo mean?" He answers "He bangs newcommers, the 13th step.

    Last edited on Sep 06 2018. Submitted by Anonymous on May 01 2012.

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