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leave (one) hanging

  • To leave hanging publicly after execution to dishonor the victim, particularly in the practice of lynching as a method of reenforcing a caste system based on racist ideology.

    Last edited on Jul 12 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 12 2015.


  • to forsake a person who has placed their reliance or trust on you.
    You were supposed to be my wingman, but you really left me hanging when I went to talk to that girl.
    Don't leave me hanging - I'm counting on you.
    I'm trying to give you dap; don't leave me hangin' bro!

    Last edited on Jul 12 2015. Submitted by spacey vancouver bc on Jun 03 2012.

  • when a person attempts to give a high five, to not return the gesture, leaving them with their hand in the air.

    Last edited on Aug 19 2012. Submitted by Anonymous from Frankfort, IL, USA on Jun 04 2012.

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