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French bath


  • the application of scent (e.g. perfume or cologne) rather than bathing.
    She did not take a real shower, she took a French bath.

    Last edited on Apr 16 2011. Submitted by David D. from Baltimore, MD 21201, USA on Sep 08 1998.

  • Among some people in the United States, term used in the past and less frequently in modern times. It was used especially among certain older generations to imply taking a quick "wash-up" or partial ablution for hygienic purposes.

    The origin of this term "may" have had some link to the French "bidet" ; the way a nurse sponge bathes a sick bed ridden patient; and/or the way people bathed out of wash tub basins in rural areas.

    Typically, a modern French bath is done at one's bathroom sink in their private home. It usually entails washing of the lower genitals/private parts with soap and water. Other more detailed variations include following the order of washing face/brushing teeth, washing underarms (underneath breasts for women), and lower genitals; (feet optional). This is if one is in rush and cannot bath or shower in the morning OR is ill/bed ridden

    Last edited on Apr 29 2013. Submitted by Chris B. on Aug 30 2012.

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