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  • stupid or very dumb.
    That chick last night was being choochy!

    Last edited on Aug 23 2013. Submitted by Travis A38 on Sep 10 2012.

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  • nasty, ghetto, or trifling.
    That boy is so ratchet; he came out at the club with the same clothes he had on yesterday!
    OMG. What do she have on? She ratchet - her lace front is all wrong!
    That bitch ratchet cuz!
    Javier is dressed real ratchet today.
    Theresa is so ratchet. Serio. jkjk no she ain't.
    OMG that bitch so ratchet she can't even brush her teeth.
    Bitches be like, I ain't ratchet!
    You're a ratchet girl.
    I hate that rachet bitch.
    That girl's weave is so ratchet.
    You is so ratchet.
    You is a ratchet-ass bitch.
    I ain't no ratchet.
    That bitch is so damn ratchet.
    What the fuck is that ratchet girls problem?
    That ratchet ass bitch took my man.
    Girl, you be lookin' ratchet.
    Girl you so ratchet your sew-in coming out at the back.
    Eww, bitch, your pussy ratchet as hell.
    Ratchets be like omg #teamnomakeup #butstillpretty tho.
    She a rachet, bro.
    Rachet ass hoe, don't play with me!
    That niggahs weave is so ratchet.
    This ratchet bitch need to check her pussy cause it need a wash.
    That pussy is so rachet and stanky. Her legs is like Taylor Swift's song: they are never getting back together.
    That girl so ratchet: she wore the same stuff yesterday!
    Bitch don't play - you know you ratchet.
    Damn that bitch
    Yo mama ratchet!
    Yo i was walking down then street and i saw ur ratchet woman.
    U skank ass hoe! U and ur ratchet self! Get outta here!
    That girl last night lookin so ratchet.
    Ew girl you nasty, you stank, always comin up here smelling like that with that ratchet ass wolf pussy. girl you nasty.
    Her lace front lookin ratchet, fallin off her head and shit.
    That bitch is so ratchet you have to keep her away from the people , the governerment has to look her up to keep her away from the peoples eyes bc of the stank from her pussy .!
    Dat bitch is so ratchet she smells.
    That bitch is so ratchet she smalls like tuna.
    Shit I think i caought something from that rachet last night.
    In the club and get away boy not wit them shoes on, HE RATCHETT.
    Damn get out of here rachett u pussy stanky like tht.
    Them rachet fools r nasty.
    Dat girl is so ratchet, when she fell from heaven, we found out she was denied by hell.
    Damn Bitch WTF you so hella ratchet.Bitch you must thought you had friend but not with that fucked up face.
    You so ratchet, your ugly ass granddaddy ganged you.
    You so ratchet, when you went to a bar, they kicked you out because you looked like you were already drunk.
    You so ratchet, monkeys gathered to laugh at your fat ass.
    You so ratchet, the devil is scared of you.
    You so ratchet, you'r mama shoved you back in her ass in regret of ever fucking your dad.
    You so ratchet, your mama was screaming because she saw you.
    You so ratchet, people who work in an orphanage wouldn't take care of your ass.
    You so ratchet, when you put your hand on the holy book, it exploded.
    You so ratchet, when your baby took first steps, it was way far from you.
    You so ratchet, you use paper towel as underwear.
    That ratchet ads bitch indivisible part was bout 10 inches.
    He is so rachet, his dick smelt like armpit tuna sweat.
    Nigga you rachet.
    Ratchet, motherfuckers suck dick.
    She ratchet thats why I'm pregnant...have to go and get my 15 boyfriend.. Peace out ratchet motherfuckers.
    Ewwww! You a fuckin Ratchet ass hoe!

    Last edited on May 11 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 01 2005.

  • cool, crunk, awesome, good. Also spelled ratchett.
    I got three phone numbers last night, 'cause that's how ratchett I am.
    That club was so ratchet last night.
    This definition is questionable and is pending deletion. It will be saved from deletion if legitimate citations are found.
    She got a ratchet-ass pussy.
    His dick ratchet as fuck.
    Manual Arts is so ratchet.
    You so ratchet!

    Last edited on May 11 2013. Submitted by Chan from Corpus Christi, TX, USA on Oct 05 2007.

  • below the normal social standards of morality or sexuality.
    We only go out alone, she is way too ratchet to introduce to my friends and family.
    Niggas be ratchet as hell and tryna holla.

    Last edited on Apr 29 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on Sep 10 2010.

  • Someone with the potential to go crazy at any time; A person who constantly takes every situation to the worse extreme, just to create a reason for wigging out on someone.
    Dat nigga went up in da club ratchet.... straight mugging every dude in there, talkin pure shit to the bouncers.
    Ratchet city punks.
    These ratchet bitches get on my nerves.
    Thes rachet ass-wholes in my clean face.

    Last edited on Apr 28 2013. Submitted by milenko57 on Oct 06 2011.

  • Something that doesn't quite fit the picture, not necessarily having a ghetto connotation, it pertains to things that seem ridiculous in their given context.
    This 12 page essay is ratchet...
    You see her weave: RATCHET!
    The fact that I'm in the line at Save-a-Lot without any money in the bank is ratchet.
    You see her clothes: rachet!

    Last edited on Apr 08 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 08 2011.

  • loud, uneducated.
    Really?! Look at that girl comin' out of the house looking ratchet. Her make is all wrong. With that tat on her face she a hot ghetto mess. Somebody call the po po on her ass.

    Last edited on Apr 23 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on Sep 10 2012.

  • eager, crazy, or basically someone that will get wild and not give a fuck.
    I look so ratchet in that photo.
    Man, that bitch is ratchet!
    Damn lets jump tht ratchet girl.

    Last edited on Apr 28 2013. Submitted by BucxkedUp from Southeast Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL, USA on Oct 19 2012.

  • This word is derived from wretched.

    In urban communities and lifestyles, people tend to make things their own by altering the use, spelling or pronounciation of existing words. There is a word ratchet in the english language but it is a mechanical tool. Unlike wretched, it's definition does not relate to the use of this new urban word "ratchet" which describes something or someone that is nasty, mean, trifling and without class especially in a social setting or situation.

    Last edited on Mar 11 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on Feb 07 2013.

  • below normal expectations.
    That McDonald's on 8th street is so ratchet. Everything in there is broken, one of the drive-through speaker barely work, and they always running out of menu items.

    Last edited on Sep 20 2013. Submitted by M. Dollaz from Palatka, FL, USA on Sep 19 2013.

  • Ratchet is a misspelling of the Australian term 'rat shit', meaning terrible, so bad that saying 'shit' isn't enough. What you mean is 'not just shit, but shit from a rat'.

    Eg: how are you feeling this morning after those 18 beers? Oh mate, rat shit eh. Or: how's your car running since the prang (collision)? Oh, mate, it's rat shit. Or: I thought I looked hot in that dress but in the photos I look rat shit.

    Last edited on Nov 20 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on Nov 20 2015.


  • Its origin is the ratchet sound of handcuffs being zipped on tight and fast. Where I live this word is an adjective or adverb usually to describe a person or a situation almost synonymous with fun (if you just don't care), ugly, ghetto, drama and racket but instead describes all these words depending on the context and people who are -or act ratchet get loud and angry, act juvenile for fun, or do illegal things intentionally without realizing the consequences, for example seek attention of someone calling the cops to resolve the situation. Ratchet however can mean also ugly as in clothes, hairstyle etc... "Wow some drama and ratchet in the subway!" the word ratchet fits many situations and people and applies to all races of people and backgrounds, morals however do not apply and this slang word is used by mostly teenagers on twitter to mean scandalous and foul, no morals, reckless behavior, fun! fugly drama and downright ratchet.

    Example A: whitetrashHoeonTwitter. I'm gonna get drunk tonight and hangout in the trailerhood #ratchet

    Example B: mexicangangbangeronTwitter. I took my baby mammas xanax and them pills up for sale, message me! #ratchet

    Example C: afroMcDanknigletonTwitter. Bout' time that situation got squashed. Popo came and put my gf in cuffs for hittin on her momz and dad #ratchet

    Last edited on Apr 08 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on Nov 19 2012.


  • From the well used Australian term denoting something that is no good, the term is actually "Rat Shit"

    Last edited on Sep 28 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on Sep 28 2013.

  • Junky slut Damn that girl Susie is ratchet

    Last edited on Jun 08 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 08 2015.


  • a person who is intimately familiar with the sound of handcuffs being applied.
    He is such a ratchet.
    I must disassociate myself from all of the ratchet's in this ratchet ass city.

    Last edited on May 26 2013. Submitted by swburke from Bowling Green, KY, USA on Feb 23 2003.

  • a woman with loose morals.
    Please tell your ratchet to stop calling my phone, my girlfriend is getting pissed!

    Last edited on Sep 13 2010. Submitted by Anonymous on Sep 10 2010.

  • an ugly female.

    Last edited on May 26 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on May 24 2012.

  • a female that has a sexy body yet an ugly face.
    I would go out with that girl but she ratchet.

    Last edited on Apr 24 2013. Submitted by Collin Niles on Oct 31 2012.

  • a gun.
    Don't make me go get that ratchet!
    I shot niggas with my ratchet.

    Last edited on Apr 16 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 13 2013.

  • Ratchet. A diva, mostly from urban cities and ghettos, that has reason to believe she/he is every mans eye candy.

    Last edited on Jan 28 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on Jan 28 2015.

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