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zipper head


  • A person with a pronounced scar visible on their cranium, generally incurred from some sort of surgery, often from an altercation in a bar room, generally acquired by contact with a broken beer bottle. Also used to refer to a dumb ass, implying that their brain was removed, and the hole was stitched back up by a first year medical student that closed the wound with thick suture thread, leaving the impression of a zipper.
    Bubba got into a scrap at the biker bar last night and was cut by one of the Hells Angels that he had called a "pussy." He has a bad case of the zipper head now, since he has no health insurance and had to be stitched up back at the trailer park by Tyrone, the front door greeter at Wal-Mart, using 20 lb test line that he had stolen at work.

    Last edited on Sep 03 2013. Submitted by Spanger from Salt Lake City, UT, USA on Sep 03 2013.

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