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  • Recently evolved meaning: Drip - Being very smooth, cool, pleasant or another way of saying awesome.

    The lead singer is drip.

    The atmosphere in that club was totally drip.
    Jessie's new boyfriend is really drip.
    The drip from that rail is gnarly! I haven't felt the drip yet?

    Last edited on May 14 2019. Submitted by Butch Bragg on Dec 16 2014.


  • Stands for don't rest in peace. Usually used in a mean way.

    Ex. I want you to drip Drip (persons name) Drip

    Last edited on May 21 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on May 21 2015.


  • a person who is insignificant or annoying; a prick; an asshole; etc.
    Tom's just a filthy drip.

    Last edited on Oct 07 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 06 2013.

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