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cha cha

  • Girl : is also in Spanish "Muchacha"b

    Last edited on Mar 02 2014. Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 02 2014.


  • vulva; "vagina".
    I told my girlfriend to shave her cha-cha.

    Last edited on May 13 2011. Submitted by Gene S. from Hammond, IN, USA on Jan 07 2003.

  • a girl is stereotypically dressed in a gaudy cheap way. Especially Latinas.
    She is a little too Cha Cha.

    Last edited on May 13 2013. Submitted by CAROLYN M. on Apr 26 2009.

  • a female, generally of Latino descent, who goes and socializes with club going, drug using people. They also dramatically gossip about everything and anything to anyone around them.

    Last edited on Dec 03 2010. Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 03 2010.

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