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Jake with me

  • Used in 1932 movie, Daring Danger, by Tim Madigan (played by Tim McCoy).

    Last edited on Jun 06 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 06 2015.


  • Agreement, approval of a suggested course of action. "If you guys want to go to the store later, that's Jake with me" "It's jake with me if you pay for dinner"

    Compare with O.K.

    ( I'm still looking for the origin but I have heard it used by older men over 70.)

    Used in the 1946 movie "Gallant Journey" about early 1880's aviation pioneer John Montgomery starring Glenn ford. It is spoken by man in the park played by Charlie Ruggles to a group of boys to whom he is telling the story of Montgomery's life and death.

    Last edited on Jan 18 2014. Submitted by Anonymous on Jan 18 2014.

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