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yellow hammer

  • This is a term used by people of Coal City Illinois to describe the liberal hillbillies of Wilmington Illinois.

    Last edited on Jun 25 2019. Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 25 2019.


  • an inbred person.
    The yellow hammers were getting out of control at the Catfish Festival.

    Last edited on Nov 03 2010. Submitted by Anonymous on Nov 03 2010.

  • Ignorant, obviously mentally defective person born of an incestuous relationship.

    Also used as one word, i.e., 'Yellowhammer Baptists have taken over the Republican Party.'
    'I realized the Wisconsin Governor was a Yellowhammer when I saw the classic features of an inbred Baptist on his face...especially his half-closed eyelids.'

    Last edited on Jul 17 2015. Submitted by Jack Steen on Jul 17 2015.

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