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went to shit and the hogs ate (one)

  • An old rancher in the central valley of california told me. When he was working on a giant hog farm in the old days (and this was in the 1970;s) that there were big pens, feed lots in box style in a huge barn/overhang and there were planks of wood crossing the pens. These cat walks were not up to any standards just necessity to tend to feed prod or get from one place to another in the facility. He went one to tell us wide eyed kids that sometimes a man would lose his balance and fall in, and at that point it was all over. It was Shark Week. Now the shit part. The men didn't take breaks and run to a bathroom if nature called. They just added to the stench below. That was the most dangerous nature call of them all. And there you have it. One interpretation from a now old fart. Certain breeds of hogs are not to be messed with as we have seen in Mafia style movies. Eeeshhhh

    Last edited on Oct 17 2016. Submitted by heptothat on Oct 17 2016.

verb - transitive

  • response to a question as to one's whereabouts. I don't know where he/she is.
    I don't know where dad is, he went to shit and the hogs ate him.

    Last edited on Feb 21 2013. Submitted by Melissa G. from Medway, Ohio, USA on May 15 2004.

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