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  • Used when you do something stupid. People used to say "Wipe off the salt." and it was changed into "salt" that you would say yourself when you were embarrassed by something you did or proven wrong.
    Look at them salts over there.

    Last edited on Apr 17 2013. Submitted by Sarah from Ann Arbor, MI, USA on Dec 31 1998.

  • something bad.
    That's salt yo.

    Last edited on Apr 15 1999. Submitted by Allyson from NJ, USA on Apr 15 1999.

  • To cruelly play someone out; to get busted.
    Salt, they're chargin' me with murder.

    Last edited on May 17 2011. Submitted by Angelena D. from NJ, USA on Apr 16 1999.

  • When a person constantly tries to ruin Other people day by constantly being a bitter git.

    Last edited on Dec 22 2016. Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 22 2016.

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