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go piss up a rope

  • "get lost"; "get out of here"; etc.
    Well, you can just go piss up a rope!

    Last edited on Apr 03 2015. Submitted by David M. from Dallas, TX, USA on Sep 04 2002.

  • To tell someone to go piss up a rope means to tell someone to go ahead with their current course of action, but expect a negative result. My preferred variation of this phrase is "piss up a tree." Another variation of this phrase is "piss up a flagpole." Consider this: What would actually happen if you pissed up a tree? You would get it all over yourself. Your attempt would backfire, and you would be worse off for it. Therefore, if you tell someone to go piss up a tree, you are effectively saying "go ahead and do what you are doing, but it will come back on you." Alternatively, you could tell someone," You're pissing up a tree", meaning what you're doing will come back on you.

    Last edited on Apr 15 2017. Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 15 2017.


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