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cold piece


  • Cold Piece- A cold piece is any thing that has been chosen by nature itself and quite often displays a very hard working and humble view towards life. Though they often prefer being in solitude something about a cold piece naturally brings others to them. Because of this a cold piece can unintentionally cause groups to form that often will look upon him as a sort of leader even though a cold piece isn't generally a leader by nature he often is able to act as if he is and can usually handle most all problems in a good calm manner. But if a situation is to turn violent the cold piece isn't afraid to attempt to end the violence quickly and figure out a solution to fix whatever problem might have caused the initial conflict so that conflict amongst others can be avoided in the future.

    Example- The way I handled myself showed that I was a real cold piece.

    Last edited on Nov 12 2017. Submitted by AcoldPieceWitAcRoWn on Nov 12 2017.


  • a person or thing that's amazing or sneaky; "fantastic", "scandalous".
    You managed to have all your women in one room with no problems. You're a cold piece of work.

    Last edited on Nov 13 2017. Submitted by Jaye-Supreme on Jun 13 2017.

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