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  • an unintelligent person. From "Mongoloid idiot".
    You are a mongo.

    Last edited on May 11 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 10 2011.

  • Demonym for Austrians. Refers to the stereotype that the majority of them are backward, bigoted farmers.

    This definition is questionable and is pending deletion. It will be saved from deletion if legitimate citations are found.

    Last edited on Apr 05 2018. Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 05 2018.

noun - uncountable

  • scrap metal, typically from plumbing or air conditioning projects, collected and sold for money.

    Last edited on May 02 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on May 02 2013.


  • to acquire (by finding, usually in dumpsters or on roadsides) items and reuse them.
    I mongo'ed a real nice chair at the curb last night.

    Last edited on Jul 07 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 06 2013.

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