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rock (one's) ass


  • Definition: When your anus is rocked, you know shit is going down.

    Example: You go to a 2 star Hotel in Cuba, you can be assured your anus will be rocked. Because you will have awful food and know that you will spend the week in misery.


    Gerry: Hey! Have your heard McGilligan is going to Hotel Roc Arenas Dorados?

    Me: Holy Moly. At Roc Uranus Dorados, you can be guaranteed his anus will be rocked!

    Last edited on Jun 28 2018. Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 28 2018.


  • Hit someone with a knockout punch causing the person to lose consciousness.
    He beefed, so I had to rock his ass.

    Last edited on Jan 27 2003. Submitted by J da Headbanga from Baltimore, MD, USA on Jan 27 2003.

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