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  • You're such a gommer making all this mess.

    You're gomming up the job.

    Gommer stop messing up my desk.

    Last edited on Jun 29 2019. Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 29 2019.

  • Gomer with one m is a person with low intelligence or dim-witted, like Gomer Pyle. Gommer with 2 m is a messy person, a mess maker.

    Last edited on Jul 05 2019. Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 05 2019.



  • dumb, not smart, stupid
    You fuckin' gommer, you didn't pass da test!

    Last edited on May 14 2011. Submitted by lisa k. on Dec 29 2003.

  • an inept, incompetent person

    That dang gommer keeps stealing my Oreos!

    Last edited on Jul 04 2019. Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 04 2019.

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