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  • a ranker, a sell-out, somebody with no respect.
    I heard about that fool his a leva.

    Last edited on May 16 2011. Submitted by snapper from El Monte, CA, USA on Jun 25 1999.

  • a person too scared to fight.
    You're nothing but a leva you never fight.
    He's a leva, I saw him talking with those Busters earlier.

    Last edited on Feb 08 2020. Submitted by pepino from Bakersfield, CA, USA on Sep 27 2002.


  • When someone starts hanging around, talking to, defending their enemies. For example active Bulldog gang member hanging around active Norteos/Chapetes.

    A bitch-made person; pussy; not loyal; transformers.

    Last edited on Feb 08 2020. Submitted by Anonymous on Feb 08 2020.

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