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  • A word that is semi-safe for use at work, that can be put every-frakunda-where and still make frakunda sense. Frakundas. The word is used by workers in place of common curse words that may actually get them in trouble if heard saying them at work. The word was rumored to have origins in either African, African American or Norwegian communities, but in reality actually began in an open-pit phosphate mine in rural North Carolina in the USA, where thanks to international travel, began spreading like a virus across the country and the world.

    I hate this frakunda job! What in the frakunda is going on here. Knock that stupid frakunda out you dumb frakundas! The HR manager has lost their frakunda mind. My frakunda itches and smells funny after putting it in her frakunda. Holy frakunda! Did you see the size of her frakundas?

    Last edited on Jul 22 2022. Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 22 2022.

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