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Definition of 110 percent

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Slang terms with the same meaning

Other terms relating to 'to accomplish, work hard':

Definitions include: See all-nighter.
Definitions include: to do a lot of work or spend a lot of money for something or someone.
Definitions include: to work extremely hard.
Definitions include: to relax, usually with other friends; "chill".
Definitions include: See nose to the grindstone.
Definitions include: to complete a task with excellence.
Definitions include: to play with a Hacky Sack (footbag.)
Definitions include: to criticize; "get on (one's) case".
Definitions include: to flatulate; "fart".
Definitions include: to be at one's peak performance.
Definitions include: to have sex with.
Definitions include: an all-night period of awakedness to finish a task.
Definitions include: to leave.
Definitions include: to be so intoxicated from illegal stimulants that one loses complete control over one's body.
Definitions include: the busy, hectic modern urban lifestyle.

Slang terms with the same root words

Other terms relating to '110':

Definitions include: 110%- indicating absolute agreement with another person's statement; strongly agreeing with another person's statement.

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