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Definition of 5150

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Slang terms with the same meaning

Other terms relating to 'crazy, insane, weird, strange':

Definitions include: uncontrollable.
Definitions include: figuratively, to do something shocking, say something shocking, believe something shocking, etc.
Definitions include: to go crazy.
Definitions include: unbelievable; ridiculous; crazy.
Definitions include: alternative spelling of "wacked out".
Definitions include: "crazy".
Definitions include: both weird and scary.
Definitions include: crazy, irrational.
Definitions include: paranoid, worried, crazy.
Definitions include: off-brand.
Definitions include: very crazy.
Definitions include: a crazy person; "a psychotic".
Definitions include: strange / stupid.
Definitions include: stupid; extremely crazy.
Definitions include: crazy.

Slang terms with the same root words

Other terms relating to 'fifty':

Definitions include: of two things, an equal opportunity of happening.
Definitions include: a very hard kick to the female genitals ("cunt").
Definitions include: originated when people in the tri state area would get cut in the face, usually by gang members.
Definitions include: A large number or long list of, An infinite or un-countable quantity of, intentionally implausible quantitative description used to exaggerate.
Definitions include: someone or something that looks appealing from a distance, but within 50 feet their true appearance is evident.

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Where is this slang used?

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