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Definition of a 40

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Other terms relating to 'alcohol':

Definitions include: a beer.
Definitions include: flavored, often sweet alcoholic beverage.
Definitions include: derogatory term, "moron".
Definitions include: with high alcohol content.
Definitions include: a few drinks of alcohol.
Definitions include: an alcoholic beverage.
Definitions include: a "Long Island Ice Tea" (also called a "Long Island Iced Tea") which is a strong alcoholic mixed drink.
Definitions include: an unattractive female, usually due to obesity.
Definitions include: home-made alcohol.
Definitions include: a general insult.
Definitions include: acronym of "adios mother fucker."
Definitions include: alcoholic.
Definitions include: a "gin and tonic" drink.
Definitions include: a bottle of liquor that has a handle.
Definitions include: one's favorite unhealthy thing.

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Other terms relating to 'forty':

Definitions include: a hypothetical club whose members are not very "bright", meaning intelligent.
Definitions include: wild or rough terrain adjacent to a developed area.
Definitions include: a place that is far away.
Definitions include: a 40 ounce bottle of an alcoholic beverage.
Definitions include: to take a nap.
Definitions include: unattractive.
Definitions include: spilling a small quantity of a beverage (usually a 40 ounce container of beer) on the ground in order to honor the deceased.

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