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Definition of a blind spot

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Other terms relating to 'blind':

Definitions include: to be high by marijuana; derived from the way your eyes squint when you're high.
Definitions include: a date in which the two people haven't met beforehand.
Definitions include: An unlicensed bar or nite club usually open well after legal closing hours. Seems to be of Southern US origin, I have heard its use in Detroit, Chicago, and Milwaukee. After the show, we went to that blind pig on 26th St and stayed until dawn.
Definitions include: to ignore a misdeed.

Other terms relating to 'spot':

Definitions include: To blow someone's cover; to tell on someone
Definitions include: to tag, or write graffiti somewhere.
Definitions include: a five dollar bill.
Definitions include: hits me in a soft spot
Definitions include: to satisfy.
Definitions include: a fun place.
Definitions include: right on time.
Definitions include: life in prison
Definitions include: to leave quickly.
Definitions include: to lend (money).
Definitions include: very accurate.
Definitions include: a ten-dollar bill.

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