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Definition of a cutt


  • To dump someone.
    I cutt him 'cause he was playin' me.

    Last edited on May 13 2011. Submitted by Justina W. from New London, CT, USA on Oct 16 2002.


  • Cant help you or give you anything anymore.
    Give him the scissors im ,go ahead an cutt yourself off.
    Give him the scissors so he can cutt himself off"." Give him the scissors im ,go ahead an cutt yourself off.

    Last edited on May 14 2015. Submitted by Jess Sanchez on May 14 2015.


  • I got your co-sign for someone."I'll cutt for you fool"
    Ill cutt for you fool.

    Last edited on May 14 2015. Submitted by Jess Sanchez on May 14 2015.

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