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Definition of a donger


  • A prefabricated miners hut.
    The dongers are clean and well maintained.

    Last edited on Dec 24 2018. Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 24 2018.


  • pronounced "dong-ah" another word for penis.
    He has a big donger.

    Last edited on May 19 2004. Submitted by Daki F. from Sydney, NSW, Australia on May 19 2004.

  • useless person, below average, unable to complete a task.
    That guy is an absolute donger.

    Last edited on May 19 2004. Submitted by Daki F. from Sydney, NSW, Australia on May 19 2004.

  • The donger is a string of letters made to look like a face.
    Thats a awesome Donger picture.

    Last edited on Mar 18 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 18 2015.

  • Any person with a mustache that sends pictures of his penis to his guy friends. Compare with sexting

    Do you get intoxicated and find humor in sending your friends pictures of your genitals? You could be a donger.
    Rather than send an answer Mark is a donger. Sending pictures of a penis.

    Last edited on Dec 14 2020. Submitted by Anonymous on May 05 2015.

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Definitions include: to be very thirsty (especially for a beer).

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