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Definition of a game plan

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Other terms relating to 'plan, situation':

Definitions include: an alternate plan.
Definitions include: sexual activity.
Definitions include: "situation".
Definitions include: "happenings."
Definitions include: an overview or plan.

Slang terms with the same root words

Other terms relating to 'game':

Definitions include: a good performance.
Definitions include: a particular important sporting event.
Definitions include: "board game".
Definitions include: boss game.
Definitions include: to deliver a good performance ("A-game").
Definitions include: British expression meaning that the speaker doesn't want to do something.
Definitions include: Too bad; there is nothing one can do; shortened - Charge it.
Definitions include: a swindle, scam.
Definitions include: the ability to attract members of the opposite sex.
Definitions include: something that radically changes a situation.
Definitions include: interjection of encouragement.
Definitions include: of no more value or no longer cool.
Definitions include: Pot and anything needed to smoke it.
Definitions include: the pursuit of money.
Definitions include: to perform some activity that one hasn't performed in an extended period of time.

Other terms relating to 'plan':

Definitions include: amount of time one takes to graduate high school if one does not pass all classes in four years.
Definitions include: an alternate plan.

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