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Definition of a gink



  • an idiot, a loser, a moronic person.
    My party can do without the gink.
    In movie Lady Eve, Jean Harrington (Barbara Stanwyck) asks Charles Pike (Henry Fonda), "who is that gink?" Referring to Pike's suspicious minder/valet Muggsy (William Demarest), who is spying on them.

    Last edited on Mar 01 2017. Submitted by Brinn L. from Amherst, NS, Canada on Mar 02 2003.

  • one who checks on sick workers to see if they are really home, sick (Philadelphia, 1950's-'70"s)

    Last edited on Apr 26 2012. Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 20 2012.

  • Chicagoism for a foolish or contemptible person.

    Last edited on Mar 01 2017. Submitted by Anonymous on Feb 28 2017.

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