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Definition of a gitty


  • Gitty, is what you sat up for yourself, earned for yourself, hustled for yourself. A physical place where you have been living your life, being taken care of, a working thing you created for yourself. " Don't come over here a mess up my Gitty" What you worked for yourself

    Last edited on Mar 05 2019. Submitted by Luelu on Mar 05 2019.


  • misspelling of "giddy".
    He is always so gitty around her.
    You make me gitty.

    Last edited on Apr 19 2013. Submitted by jill from Austin, TX, USA on Oct 19 1999.


  • a narrow walkway or footpath between tall objects such as hedges and buildings.

    Last edited on Jul 26 2012. Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 18 2012.

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