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Definition of a hootenanny

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Other terms relating to 'a party, event, gathering, meeting':

Definitions include: an event.
Definitions include: to recline, as in a reclining chair.
Definitions include: a period of time during which one engages sexually with another person.
Definitions include: a break in the workday when employees gather to ingest drugs.
Definitions include: a gathering with many more males than females.
Definitions include: to have sex with.
Definitions include: Burning Man.
Definitions include: a party.
Definitions include: a wild party.
Definitions include: a grand party.
Definitions include: a rave.
Definitions include: to smoke marijuana.
Definitions include: the potential of facilitating one's meeting of other people.
Definitions include: a last-minute or previously unplanned request to meet up with someone with the intention of having sex (i.e. getting booty.)
Definitions include: a gathering with many more males than females.

Slang terms with the same root words

None. How about some random words?

Definitions include: transfixed with.
Definitions include: A person with a pronounced scar visible on their cranium, generally incurred from some sort of surgery, often from an altercation in a bar room, generally acquired by contact with a broken beer bottle. Also used to refer to a dumb ass, implying that their brain was removed, and the hole was stitched back up by a first year medical student that closed the wound with thick suture thread, leaving the impression of a zipper.
Definitions include: interjection.
Definitions include: to stay in one place, often surreptitiously and/or suspiciously; staking out something, possibly to steal it or at the very least, covet it.
Definitions include: feminist variant of "thank god".
Definitions include: "motherfucking".
Definitions include: milk.
Definitions include: "goes in to".
Definitions include: "sure enough"; yes; definitely.
Definitions include: acronym for "love you like a sister".

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