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Definition of a pimpette


  • a girl that a guy thinks very highly of and cares about. 2.a girl who is a close friend.
    What's up pimpette?! She's not just a friend, she's my pimpette.

    Last edited on Jan 24 2002. Submitted by Unknown on Jan 24 2002.

  • A girl who has many boyfriends or lovers.
    She's a pimpette.

    Last edited on Aug 25 2012. Submitted by Byer from Rockville, MD, USA on Feb 10 2003.


  • a female pimp.
    She's my pimpette, pays me in booze.

    Last edited on Aug 03 2017. Submitted by CHRISTINA L. from Detroit, MI, USA on Nov 05 2003.

  • a female who attracts a lot of males. Compare with pimp.

    Last edited on Oct 28 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 28 2015.

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