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Definition of a plake



  • the body of water that is the result of the building of public works, especially cloverleaf overpasses. The construction crew digs a significant hole to procure dirt to build the overpass and leaves the hole to be filled with water. The body of water is often much larger than a pond, but much smaller than a lake. Often it is privatized and given over to the property owner, while other times it is made public by the State and its Division of Wildlife.

    "The tractor-trailer blew its tire while exiting the interstate and careened out of control, finally submersing itself in the plake next to the cloverleaf."

    "The state took the plake, near U.S. 24 and made a nice recreational area for fishing and duck hunting."

    Last edited on Jun 08 2017. Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 08 2017.

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