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Definition of a sancho


  • A first name or, often less, a last name, of Spanish origins. Also a common first name for kings, used in the first Portuguese dinasty around the 14th century. It doesn't originally mean "a person with whom someone cheats with", so stop saying that. It's an old name and the meaning has been changed. Some people have this as their last name so stop saying it means ridiculous stuff (not to be confused with "Sanchez" or anything, It's not a Mexican name). The meaning is believed to be "saint".
    At an appointment "Hello, my name is Toms Sancho" "Ok writing it down Toms... Sanchez? Santos?" "No... ()Saaaaancc "Oh" (EVERY SINGLE TIME!)
    Ugh that ate some of my letters. Tomas also all the asterisks to mark actions are gone, and so is the little emoji I left between those parenthesis. And also the prolonged "sancho".
    Ate the asterisk again. My bad this time. I wrote "tomas" as am attempt to correct the "toms" UGH how do I edit these? Anyway. My name is Tomas Sancho (I assume that if I don't include the word Sancho, this won't count as an example lol)

    Last edited on Jun 29 2019. Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 29 2019.


  • a person who one cheats on one's boyfriend with; "back-door man".
    As soon as my boyfriend Matt left from the front door, my Sancho came in the back door so we could spend some quality time together.
    Sancho is a last name. Don't call me a cheater. This meaning is ridiculous, the meaning has been changed and I don't care if "words evolve". It's evil to associate something like this to a NAME SOME PEOPLE ARE CALLED!
    Also a first name.

    Last edited on Jun 29 2019. Submitted by Rebecca E. from Denver, CO, USA on Nov 09 2005.

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