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Definition of a slacker



  • a person who doesn't get good grades and instead drinks alcohol, does drugs, and goes to parties.
    Those people are real slackers.

    Last edited on Jan 25 2018. Submitted by Hilery R. from OH, USA on Jul 24 1998.

  • a person who espouses a philosophy of underachievement and avoidance of any events related to personal challenge. Couch Potato.

    Last edited on Dec 10 2004. Submitted by Chris C. on Dec 10 2004.

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Definitions include: to be lenient.
Definitions include: to idle, waste time.
Definitions include: a moron or lazy person, typically residing in a rural area; "bumpkin".
Definitions include: in the manner of a slack-jaw.
Definitions include: a person who is unintelligent and easy to push around.
Definitions include: to work less hard than appropriate.
Definitions include: activism that requires little effort (and that often has little effect) and is mainly designed to make participants feel better about themselves.

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