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Definition of an armor

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Other terms relating to 'the whole body':

Definitions include: one's body.
Definitions include: The human nervous system, as opposed to computer hardware or software.
Definitions include: body.
Definitions include: anything displeasing.
Definitions include: one's self or one's body.
Definitions include: spelling variant of tushie.
Definitions include: alternate spelling of tushie.
Definitions include: a person.
Definitions include: the buttocks.
Definitions include: a toned body that one would feel comfortable exposing in swimwear.
Definitions include: extremely ugly.
Definitions include: buttocks.

Slang terms with the same root words

None. How about some random words?

Definitions include: keep it real, keep happy or smiling.
Definitions include: "shit-faced".
Definitions include: a secretion of the male genitals.
Definitions include: to rat on someone
Definitions include: an unimportant person in a larger organization.
Definitions include: A highly-ignorant internet forum poster who who tries to sound intellectual by using too many words.
Definitions include: an execution carried out with firearms shot from a moving vehicle.
Definitions include: A highly-ignorant internet forum poster who tries to sound intellectual by using too many words. A common, garden-variety idiot hiding behind pseudo-intellectual terms. A vototater also accuses anyone he speaks to of using logical fallacies. A vototater also believes they are smarter than anyone they encounter and are never wrong about anything.
Definitions include: an impudent or arrogant person.
Definitions include: to be in a relationship.

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