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Definition of b-boy


  • also: bboy, often capitalized: B-Boy, BBoy. Short for break boy, as in someone who dances during the break part of a record, the break being the part in the song where all the other instruments drop out and only the percussion remains. The original term for "breakdancer" or "breaker", later briefly used to describe any practitioner or fan of HipHop, a HipHopper, a person who belongs to the HipHop subculture, lives the HipHop lifestyle, current usage is reserved only for practitioners of bboying or "breakdancing", sometimes extended to practitioners of the related dances encompassing the "funk styles" which is not technically bboying but shares a symbiotic relationship with bboying, also a type of human or human-like character in graffiti art. alternative etymologies include: Bronx boy, boogie boy, also break boy with an alternative definition for "break". bboy can also be used as a verb.

    Last edited on Apr 25 2020. Submitted by JeloRocSki on Apr 25 2020.



  • Abbreviated form of "break-boy".

    Last edited on Jul 27 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 26 2013.

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