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Definition of bitch seat

bitch seat


  • The middle of the back seat in the car, usually with the hump. The person who is smallest usually has to sit there if the other seats are to be filled. Can cause additional "bitching" by the person sitting there if the other people in the car are fat.
    Why do I always get the bitch seat ?
    If more than one male is in a vehicle ANY seat other than the driver seat is the bitch seat.

    Last edited on Jul 10 2015. Submitted by Gary M. from Charlotte, NC, USA on Oct 21 1999.

  • the middle seat in the back of an automobile. Sitting there puts one between two people, in an uncomfortable position, making that person the bitch.
    Poor guy got the bitch seat.

    Last edited on May 06 2011. Submitted by Justin P. from Halifax, NS, Canada on May 08 2002.

  • the passenger seat on a motorcycle.
    The oassenger seat on a motorcycle is the pillion. The passenger on a racing hack is the monkey. If you are riding a motorcycle front or rear you cannot be a bitch due to the inhetent possibility of dismemberment or fatality.

    Last edited on Jul 10 2015. Submitted by Susan M. from Rock Hill, SC, USA on May 06 2009.

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