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Definition of bubba


  • hick, redneck.

    Last edited on Mar 24 2003. Submitted by M. J. from Dallas, TX, USA on Mar 24 2003.

  • In gunsmithing, a crude attempt with inappropriate tools at repair or modification which results in damage, often serious or even dangerous. Also, a person who does such work, the generic name for any member of that population, or the name of the collective population.
    He sure bubba'd that receiver trying to drive out those taper pins; what did he use, a nail?
    That looks like a bubba trigger job.
    I picked up an old Stevens 20-gauge at a sale but when I took it apart I saw Bubba had got to it first.
    Bubba never sleeps, he just borrows a bigger hammer.

    Last edited on Feb 22 2018. Submitted by CCR76 on Jun 15 2015.


  • Derived from 'brother,' bubba is often used as a term of endearment when addressing a male family member.
    Did you get some breakfast, Bubba?
    What's the matter, Bubba?
    This usage of the term is probably limited to the southern/southwestern U.S.

    Last edited on Feb 22 2018. Submitted by Anonymous on Feb 22 2018.

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