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Definition of career girl

career girl

  • a prostitute.
    He picked up a career girl off the street.
    The submitting user is thinking of "working girl," which is a euphemism for a prostitute. "Career girl" is not used that way.
    She decided not to have children, she's a full career girl.
    I don't want to spend all my time working at this place, don't want to be called a career girl!
    I'm a career girl and can work on this project all night if i want to.

    Last edited on Dec 03 2016. Submitted by Brian S. from CA, USA on Jun 11 1999.


  • A woman (especially young) whose main priority in life is achieving success in her career or profession, particularly over marriage or having a family.
    Would you believe it? I asked Debbie to marry me, and she said no!" "Well, you knew she was a career girl when you started taking her out.

    Last edited on Aug 11 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on Aug 11 2015.

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